The Best Of Eyelash Growth Solutions On The Market

There are different ways for you to improve the health of your eyelashes. You can start by considering the natural ways. These will likely include your regime in taking care of your eyelashes, such as by preventing tugging at your lashes. Plus, there is also a need for you to consider the removal of your makeup, especially eye makeup like mascara, before you go to sleep in order to avoid the breakage of your lashes.

Now that you are aware of the natural solutions for taking care of your eyelash growth and promote its lengthening thereafter, you may then proceed with your top choices of eyelash growth solutions. To give you the reigning top three, you may then consider the following:

1. Idol Lash

idol lashIdol Lash is the number one solution you can trust in terms of getting a high quality eyelash growth. This solution is among the most sought eyelash solutions that will help you get beautiful celebrity eyelashes. It is claimed to work in just weeks. You can expect that during the said period, you will be able to gain longer, darker, thicker, as well as a fuller set of eyelashes.

The Formula

This is a solution that will give you science at work. It contains various compounds, which are all known to be effective in stimulating the growth of your eyelashes. These compounds include keratin, cocoyl, honey extract, moisturizing agents, protein, as well as chamomile extract among others. The blend has been combined in order to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes. It is made to give your eyelashes its desirable volume. It is rich in minerals, making it more effective in rejuvenating the look and the appeal of your lashes. It even adds a sexy shine to your lashes once used.

The Advantages

The eyelash solution is a clinically proven product with results that are backed by science. You can also ensure that it works on eyebrows too. It can be tested to guarantee its safety and this eyelash enhancer is the supported product by most popular media, such as CNN, MSN, USA Today, and MS NBC. It is expected that in just 2-4 weeks, you will already get a significant improvement by 82%. It is the least irritating solution you can find on the market and it is also the product of the latest discovery and innovation in science.

2. Latisse

LatisseLatisse is another solution that will help you get rid of the aging effects on your hair. It is apparent that due to aging, even your eyelashes are starting to fall out. As a response, Latisse will give you the best of lash fullness in just 16 weeks. It is a recommendable solution that has been backed by science and experts. It is a prescription treatment for the inadequate volume of lashes. It is used in order to give you a doctor care solution without the post effects of irritation and eye pressure issues.

The Formula

The formula is made up of the active ingredient called bimatoprost. The compound is basically an FDA approved solution, which is also used in order to get rid of the ocular pressure and glaucoma. It is also stated that it has an effective blend that will not cause side effects even in a sensitive skin. Other compounds present in the solution are citric acid, benzalkonium, purified water, sodium chloride, as well as sodium hydroxide among others.

The formulation of Latisse has been recommended and will only be applied under a doctor’s care. As said, it is apparent that the solution will only be supported by a doctor’s prescription.

The Advantages

It is a doctor backed solution you can try. It is a perfect solution if you want to see real results provided by real people. Latisse is proud enough to present the results of its effective formulation to people suffering from poor volume of lashes. It is an effective solution that will give you freedom from side effects. Plus, it is an FDA approved treatment as well, making it a reliable product to trust, particularly if you are suffering from skin sensitivity. Lastly, it is a solution that may be used in other treatment options, such as brown pigmentation.

3. RapidLash

RapidLashThis is another solution that is also touted to be effective in giving back your full eyelashes. It is said that this solution is among the best rejuvenators of eyelash growth. It is a cosmetic product that is also clinically proven. It can give you effective and safe solution like no other. Furthermore, it is proven not only to work on eyelashes, but also on your brows. It is affordable at the same time retailing in as low as $49.95. It is made with the power of polypeptides in order to give you best of eyelash enhancement.

The Formula

It is made up of most effective compounds, which are recommended in stimulating eyelash growth. Each of the compounds has its benefits. It has the primary ingredient in the form of bio-engineered octa/copper/ oligo peptides. These are relatively effective in giving you the building blocks of protein. They are necessary if you want to invigorate and strengthen your eyelashes. Other compounds present in the solution are pantethine, biotin, sodium hyaluronate, as well as panthenol among others.

Most of the compounds help keep the eyelashes strong, healthy, flexible, and shiny.

The Advantages

It has a unique complex that will enhance your eyelash growth. It is clinically proven and proudly supported by experts. It has highly effective ingredients, which will not just function to grow your eyelashes, but will also effectively moisturize, condition, and strengthen your hair. They work synergistically in order to give you healthier-looking eyelashes.

Plus, this is an easy to use solution that will only require a once a day application. All you need is to follow this regular application in at least 4 weeks. You will also get an affordable package with this solution since a bottle of it can already last about a month or two, giving you a longer yield.